Saturday, August 1, 2009

OMG! I can't say how excited I am about the up coming post! 3 items under THESCARLETROOM LABEL plus alot of other fantastic overseas finds!

A series of manufactured items littered with some items sourced overseas!
Also for those who have hear of you maybe interested that we are having our very 1st collebration with a someone that's able to rock the world as much as littlesf does!

Think along this line

See you bunnies on 5th Aug, Wed 6pm for the launch! Am off for sourcing trip yet again!


  1. Launch later please???

  2. can't wait for the body jewellery line!! :) love littersf... recommended by queen michelle previously! :)

    when wld they be here??

  3. Anon: So sorry am afraid not :X it will be unfair if I switch the time suddenly.

    mean_beans: it will be up with the post on wed 6pm my dear!

  4. do let me know if you're interested in getting clutches! im wholsaling one batch of clutches with about 6 designs on hand.

    my first manufactured batch, interested do let me know alright!

  5. Hi, what is the peach pink dress called? searchign for it high and low online.. from those who are re-selling them! please reply asap :( thanks!