Friday, September 18, 2009


As much as we want to post up TSR12 today, I am dead beat tired from all the preparation for Saturday and Sunday events.

We will be doing a soft launch of items at both events days itself. Click here & here to learn more about the events! For those that will not be able to make it to the two events, we will still save some for the online store come Monday 7pm!

The much talk about lace dress, extreme strong shoulder dress, studded blazer in the finest material ( right off the Balmain runway), Alexander Wang Brenda lookalike bag and much much more! Do catch the launch on 21st Sep 2009, 9pm - 9.30pm.

Also a heartfelt thanks to the tonnes of responses for TSR11 resulting in almost every sold out for the collection! We also did not expect that there will be that huge responses from all of you for the fashion show!

Do say hi if you pop by this Sat or Sun!


  1. Hey, where will your booth be located at for the Flea at Dempsey? Will I be able to purchase the scallop hem dress there?

  2. Hey,

    I will be so broke after ur collection.
    I absolutely adore this collection, can't wait!
    keep up the good job.
    I am eyeing like 5 items:/

    P.S: Can i noe how much is e bag gonna be?
    Can't decide to get e gold/black.:/

  3. Hi, I have sent you emails wrt my order and the made payment. Could you kindly update me on the status? It's been a week. Thanks!

  4. Chloey,
    our booth will be located at the VIP room.

    the bag will be at $70.00 am afriad. It's super exclusive! I am loving alot from this collection too!

    It might be the hotmail / gmail glitch. Somehow I can't receive certain emails till date. Do you have a alternative email you can send from? If so please do so!

  5. Hi! How much will the scallop edged dress be? And will there be backorders for it? I'm sure it'd be a sell out!!

  6. omg the bag is 70 bucks...damn...i was hoping 50. :( I absolutely need to get that lace dress from the last row, i hope you stocked enough!

  7. Hi Annie,

    I've emailed you via yahoo. Let me know soonest. Thanks!

  8. will the alexander wang inspired bag be sold at the flea tmr ?

  9. Hey, second row third pic from left, the necklace is so pretty! Where did u get it from? :)

  10. Hi!
    Will you be selling that spiral chunky looking necklace at the new collection, from 2nd row of the last picture? If you are, how much? Thanks!

  11. Hey babe, how much will be the Alexandar Wang inspired bag be?

  12. Can I know where you got the black block heels from? Thanks! :)

  13. Whoa, tts pretty pricey
    I doubt i can afford it den, coz i've got my eyes on ur pretty dresses!!!
    Maybe for the bag u can have 2 pricing options, 1 w post and 1 for self collection:)
    I hope e other pcs aren't gg to be as pricey as e bag, altho no doubt u pay for exclusivity:)

  14. can you push back the launch to like 9pm? 7pm is tooooo early, will definitely miss it cuz am getting off work and will again lose out on the items as they go oos so quickly!

  15. hi there. can you please post up lyn's stats so that we can get a better gauge on clothes. please include her height as well. thanks so much!

  16. please bring back the lace top at the top row, second picture from the left!

  17. was grace model the deejay for the flea titan? i saw her!!

  18. selling the blazer worn with the turquoise dress?
    or where to buy from?
    thanks !

  19. Anonymous: It's on too!