Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hi bunnies! We will be away for quite awhile! I hope not to have a mountains of email to when I am back! Off to Europe for a break! However I do hope that I will be able to source some stuff for all of you (keeping fingers crossed).

I have been dead tired with all the events & fleas, collaboration with fashion bloggers(upcoming), hunting down studio & office! I hope we can settle on a location soon! It's been a fruitless find for the past 2-3 months! Plus, I must add, the response for the past few collections are really crazy! I am really sorry if some of the mailing were a tad slower, but with the shopping cart system up, I am sure packing and mailing out will be much faster!

Plus, we will be having our very own Runway party over at Butterfactory really soon!Click here to know more! We will update with banners/eflyers when back when more details are confirm! Added to that, there will be a THESCARLETROOM fashion flea prior to that at Butterfactory, so do mark your calanders!

And the preview picture of what's to come!

And just incase there's anyone who do not know we are away, I am pretty we get the message across by now with my super-mega-big-font A-W-A-Y sign!

Smooches to all!
Till the 23rd Oct, CIAO!



  1. babe! heart the studded shorts! :p
    looking forward to ur launches!

  2. omg the studded shorts! will the studs be like iron on or what haha

  3. Tricia: check back in 2 weeks!

    xsupershinygirl : Nope it's a 4 sided stud! So no worries of falling off and I snooped 1 pair for myself! :X

  4. how was europe?

    can't wait for the shorts!!

  5. Hi Anon! It's been fun thus far! I brought back little gifts from Europe for the customers!

  6. when's the next update!

  7. omg hw much will it be i want omg haha so happy u brought it in!

  8. xsupershinygirl: Nothing above $30 for sure!
    Anon: the following monday 1st Nov!