Saturday, December 19, 2009


Christmas is coming and like others we have our wishlist too!
We can't stop starring at this H&M x Jimmy Choo cowboy boots!

What about you?


  1. ha.. there's actually an auction up on ebay for that pair of shoesss! :) but it's pretty ex though > USD 250!

    ha.hope it's ur size! :)

  2. Mean_beans: The price is too really high a price for the shoes! So what's your wish this christmas?

  3. ha. surprisingly nothing too materialistic. (may be because i shop too much and i have most of the stuff i want already!!) i just want some proper rest this xmas!! it's been a crazy year!!!

    oohhhh and thanks for the heads up on the diy acne wedges!! looks gorgeous!! gonna look for a pair of black wedges on gmarket! (may be that's my materialistic wish!!)

    ooohhh btw, if u're into cheap shoes (knockoffs of runway shoes), can check out i just found out abt them! they look terrific! :)

    've a good xmas ahead! may drop by the titan flea! will be on leave! (finally!) see ya then!

  4. mean_beans: haha yea! we are in need of proper rest too! and yes I will be checking out the link you gave!