Monday, December 14, 2009

The upcoming collection draws inspiration from fashion house Chanel with it tweed jacket and dresses! Also not to forget, there's AnnDemeulemeester like drape dress! This has to be our best collection yet in our favourite shades of grey, black, white, well mainly! Plus a few party pieces for those in need of party clothes!
Boo, the blog is getting boring! We will be trying our best to blog more soon! Inspirations and much more!

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  1. Are those shoes from Acne? Where did you get it from? Pretty!

  2. The upcoming collection sounds perfect. I have just discovered your line and I love it. The style is great, just what I like. Will definitely keep checkin you guys out!

    Check out my style.

  3. fatihafierce : yes those are from acnes! I got them from their site.

    Paige: Thanks paige! I went over to your site and I must say your pictures are well taken. We hope that you will be looking forward to the post later today!

  4. hey annie! thescarletroom was featured on this month's issue of seventeen magazine (the issue w miley cyrus on the cover) ;)