Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is definitely our favorite outfit for summer! Both top and bottom are extremely easy for pairing! Vanessa's been a real darling to work with every time among a few others! Stocks are running out really fast!

The white blouse have been sold out and we only have them in peach and brown now!
The shorts are running out soon!

Also don't forget to view her blog here and our post here!


  1. yayay!!!!!
    The blouse is absolute perfection :)

  2. Love Vanessa. I have the same blouse but in pink. Pics of the outfit are on my blog!


  3. Vanessa: Happy to hear that! Get back to you on email soon! Been pretty sick recently!

    Anon: Love your post here! PS: No pun intended but you do look tad like Rumi in your shades!

  4. Lol I'll take that as a compliment, I love Rumi! Anyway, I think your stuff is great... I just placed an order for two items about a minute ago. You guys make me go broke... all the time! :P

  5. She looks stunning with the shorts! Such a perfect color for her skintone!