Monday, March 14, 2011


thescarletroom is a proud sponsor of Supermodelme!

Supermodelme Season 2 is an exciting reality tv show where 12 girls from all over Asia compete to become the face of the Asian modelling scene. Each week they have challenging tasks, from rugby and mixed martial arts to surfing and ziplining, that push them physically and mentally. Their photo challenges require them to take their skills and channel it into gorgeous shots. Each week, one model is sent home until the final three remain for the finale.

Hosted by Charmaine Harn and other well known photographers like Olivier Henry and Geoff Ang, and including special guest judges like Paul Foster, Gaile Lai, Amber Chia, and more, Supermodelme proves there is more to modelling than just beauty.

Check out the exciting trailer below!

We had a special chance to get to know one of the contestants, Elizabeth, when she met with thescarletroom and schwingschwing to try on some of our clothes!


Elizabeth is 17 and half-Thai, half Australian. She is very close to her parents, so from a young age she was influenced by her father’s interest in photography and her mother’s interest in fashion. She aspires to work in the fashion industry, if not modelling then as a fashion stylist or photographer. Although she travels to Thailand with her family, this is the first time she’s travelled outside of Australia by herself. We’re sure Supermodelme will definitely her become more independent!

Learn more about Elizabeth by watching her intro video below, and you can also show your support by liking her Facebook fanpage!

We think Elizabeth has a great attitude and has what it takes to be successful on the show. Good luck Elizabeth, we’ll be rooting for you!

Season 2 of SUPERMODELME premieres 17 March at 9:30 PM on channel KIX, StarHub channel 518; click here to find out how to subscribe. Get to know the top twelve contestants now by checking out, where you can watch the trailer, view their intro videos and personal videos, read their blogs and more. You can also stay updated with the latest news and promotions by checking out SUPERMODELME on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

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