Sunday, May 10, 2009


Am extremely sleepy but well this more or less sum up the whole day!

So well, we will putting up Collection 52 Mon, 11th May 2009 at 9pm for those that did not make it to the flea.

There after we will be on a 2-3 weeks hiatus! Time to knock some life into me! As well as......
YES! We are looking into manufacturing fully! All under our own label. And quite unlikely any brand inspired but more to something we come out with ourselves!

Of course there will still be that occassionally picks of clothes from overseas as well :)

So babes, do comment with what you will like to see!
Price wise?

Off to bed for now! Will be replying emails only tomorrow!
Thanks for those that came down and make this flea a smashing success!
Nice seeing and chatting with some of you girls!
Hello to Kyer & Sulin. So sorry I didn't get ot mingle with some of you girls! It's been great!


  1. Hi Annie! I will to see clothes with more attitude! Too many online shops selling stuffs that are too feminine for my likening!

  2. I would like to see more clothes in purple as well as chiffon material(:

  3. JNS81: NOTED! Well for manufactured goods we will be working on both the punk and girly side :)

  4. liveloveeelaugh: Not too sure if ya in for it, the upcoming post there's this lovely blue-purple skirt that we are selling :)

  5. i'd like more bright colours, like lime green, hot pink etc!

  6. spring colors please! and comfy fabrics that is cooling for the hot singapore weather!

    oohh, and pieces great for wrk and after too!
    dresses that are not too short, e.g. 32" haaa :)


  7. nana-natalie: noted! will look into it!
    gracie: hi babe we are definitely looking into chiffon fabric!

  8. current price range is quite okay, but leggings and like, tops could be cheaper? :>

  9. clothes for really tiny people!

    like for uk 4-6! that would be <3!

    and more shoes!

  10. minho - hi dear, well we prefer not to lower our quality to allow cheaper prices, but we will try! :) You be supprise that dress and tops cost almost the same thus the reflection in prices!

    quipex - I wish so too but afraid there will not be enough ppl that can fit :(