Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We will be up with a part II later today / tomorrow.
Most items in Collection 52 have been sold out! I didnt expect such response :X
Thanks for your support babes!


Anyway we do feel like going fully e - com with the launch of SCARLETROOM label, but I don't think it's the time to do now yes? Since it will definitely work on a 1st payments basis, however the whole purpose of it is to make shopping seamless and easy for the customers.
What do you think? Since currently I do see people asking if they can pay in like 3 days prolly due to the current economy.
I will love to hear views too!

Also on designs, materials and all, please flood us with your ideas! We will love to hear about it!


  1. hi babe, i paid for the lace top in C52 but havent heard from you since then regarding if payment received and about item status.

    do u mind replying my mails and letting me know? thanks alot!
    the lj nick used was razorliketears as well. (:


  2. hey annie,

    i guess theres never a win-win situation?
    going dot.com would give you guys a break from replying emails manually on queries AND orders. In addition, the millions of cases where emails not replied and so forth will definitely be minimized..

    As for your concern with some of your buyers wanting 3 days of allowance to make payment. Well, i guess its gotta be a "no-$-cant-buy-now" thing isnt it? It would be much less of a hassale for both sides should you guys go into dot.com..

    so yup. thats my take.

    cheerios :)

  3. Gracie:

    hi gracie,

    well actually if we are using the format that schwingx2 is using, we will be able to rely to each and every since email. such that replies will be done even if item is sold out / pending. its much neater :)

    also it will minimise the format ppl use on address etc :) thus the packing process can be improve too

    yes i wanna go fully into dot.com but guess at least later this yr :)

    that also means more time to concentrate on making nicer and better quality stocks!

    seriously the packing,invoicing and verification is taking up fast too much time and i think that slows down the process too :)

    thanks for your time babe!