Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hi people,

We will be delaying this week's post to be and celebrating Collection 52 with Fleakerofhope flea @ HomeClub on the 9th of May from 12 - 9pm! Item for sales will only be avail online after the flea.

There will be alot of limited pieces sourced from overseas as well as Manufactured items! It's going to be a smashing good time I promise! So excited! It's been long since our last flea. Do pop by to say hi! Time to apply a face to the names and addresses we been mailing out too!

Will be posting up preview for flea items later!


  1. hi Annie!! i really like SR's clothes n I just wanna ask how do i wash th reptile skin jacket? HAHAH, THANKS (:
    And your hair is nice, plz be back on SR, HAHAHAAHH!!

  2. Hi babe,

    well the Reptile jacket just turn inside out to wash. So far my is still in good condition ;)

  3. i went to the flea, but i couldnt find your store! so sad.