Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hi babes,
Been a tiring day. This week's post might be break in part A and B, we shall see! Since there's alot of items to put up!
Also, prior to Collection 51 update, we will be updating THE WONDER POST. Check back Tueday night onwards! It's a post to beat the recession blues for now. Brand new designs at affordable prices!
Also,do let us know what you will like to see on SR! Don't be shy! Especially if it's stuff that you lust for and you can't find on any blogshops etc?
I am open to suggestions!


  1. Thurs time not sure yet ;)

  2. yay to new collection!
    i think so far the apparels you're bringing into SR is brilliant, jiayou! (:

  3. jenrinee- thanks alot!

  4. i'm lemming for some spring 2009 topshop collection..

    been real tired of waiting for some items to be released. like the studded acid wash/tie dye leggings

    i also love the 'shredded' top in the above picture!!

    and this crazzzzyy rope-like layering thingy union jack blazers, floral leggings, crazy leggings like thisAlso, more rodarte inspired stuff like this, this and thisand last but not least... balmain's strong shoulder blazer in their recent campaign.. wouldn't mind any of inspired-items of their upcoming fall collection too!!kate moss was spotted in one of the above recently!

    bah. that's the lot of my dreams! :)

  5. gimmegimme: haha thanks babe! that's quite alot! well will see how it goes along =)