Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hi babes!

So how? Anyone has problems submitting invoices of think that this is harder then the usual comment method? :) I personally find it easier to tend to it in invoice format. It's also much easier to tag the emails accordingly .. and most of all FASTER!

Like the fact that I can clear the invoice within 5-12 hours! Wee!! So yes, will like to hear from you babes if you feel the current situation is better to?

I am open to suggestions!

Afterall, it's mainly for the benefit for all of you out there!

Also thanks alot for the wonderful response! I sort of did not expected it :)

Back to invoicing!


  1. heyy! i like the new system better (:

    anyways, i really like the bodycon U-back dress, but florals is not really my type. So i was thinking if you could bring in more of these U-back dresses but in solid colours? either sleeveless or half sleeved! (:

    please do consider it!


  2. hey annie
    i think the new system is good! it's v efficient and we can see what's alr sold out (mannnnnn) immed in a way!


  3. charlistie - thanks! Will look into it!

    jenrine - thanks babe! hope this make shopping more enjoyable!

  4. Hey, the new system is good (:
    Wondering if you could bring in rompers like the blue one you had in your previous collection but in satin material! That would be really cool :D

    Also, do consider bringing in ribboned maryjanes in dusty pink without heels, i sells like hot cakes!

    Rock on scarletroom! Been supporting you all for a long time (;