Monday, June 8, 2009


OK POST WILL STILL BE UP AT 8pm! I manage to did all I can to get all up on time! Weeee!

Hi babes,

I hope alot of you enjoy TSR01 as much as I do! It's been pretty much crazy invoicing. A preview of TSR02!

I will only be replying to comments and emails Monday night onwards as I will be out celebrating my birthday! :D
This post will be equally smashing with alot of overseas finds! I kept the vest, pants, chanel top, and the nudie dress in this post!

Enjoy sweeties!

and before I forget, do visit for the 3rd installment!



  1. OMG I'll be working when you post this!

  2. ooh, the pants looks so yummy!
    hehe, anyway happy birthday! enjoy urself <3

  3. Hi babe happy birthday! btw how much will you be selling the chanel top and the nudies dress? does the nudies dress comes with the belt? Thanks..;)

  4. looking good!!!
    happuy birthday! (:

  5. happy belated birthday babe! looking forward to ur collection tonite~ <3

  6. though the item u bring in are nice, the waiting time for my item to arrive is so long that i will hesitate to buy frm scarletroom in future. perhaps u shld work on the effiency in mailing out items ... my item has not arrive till now.

  7. locketlovee: so sorry love, perhaps you will be happy to hear that I postpone the post to 10pm due to unforesee events :(. But hurray for you yea? :P

    FIONA: I love the pants too my dear. It's like leggings with pockets!

    spendthriftgal: Yes we are selling both! Nudie dress comes with sash but we are selling the belt too! :) Price undecided.

    jenrine: thanks babe!

    cutesyfartsy: thanks babe!

    mystarlove: hi dear, it will be good if you can drop us an email. We generally mail item out 3 days ( not including weekends) after payments verification that is stated in invoice as well as the email send regarding payments verification. :) Or rather if you do not get the item in time, you should let us know too, so that both parties can check with singpost on status. I have hired a packer and I do see why the delay, if there really is ;)

  8. Annie, I've mailed you. I have yet to receive my freebies

  9. annie, i have already emailed you twice, but no reply frm u yet :( . i hope u can reply before u fly off for the next buying trip

  10. oh ya, my email is joyfulbaby~~ .

  11. mystarlove - when i did a search on joyfulbaby I don't see your email. did you do so to

  12. hi, it is possible to opt for meetups on Tues outside GV at Vivo right ?

  13. Emily:

    Yes possible. however next tue i might not be able to do meet up as i have some other things on