Sunday, August 23, 2009


A big hello to you babes!
We have a joint shoot with guy's site Rhythm+Bleach and it's really fun!

Ok, we are not of any link to them but, do view! They are giving 10% for the first collection for this who join the mailing list before the collection get's launch!

So, what are you waiting for!

Also a warm welcome to our new resident model Lynn!

And I need not say more, the picture says it all!

So see you girls! Off for my sourcing trip.
I hope all the weird stuff on blogspot stop soon! I can't have a proper entry :(


  1. Hi, is that long-haired female model's name called Nasiha? She looks like a Malay, is she? :)

  2. i so want the playsuit!!!


  3. Hi all!

    so sorry for the short reply! Well the new model is called Lynn, she's a chinese.

    Angela is off for attachment my dear. She might be back later on!

    Hehehe yeap the playsuit will be up this coming collection!

  4. hi annie! will you be selling that union jack shoes?

  5. hey babe, will you be selling the denim skirt too?

  6. Hi we will be selling the jack union shoes too!

    Demin skirt?