Friday, August 13, 2010


Daria Werbowy in Stefanel F/W 10 collection.
I love love love all the chunky knits, poncho and cardigans featured in this collection.
One is never enough!
Be sure to watch out for our drapey cardigan coming up in our new collection!!
It's a not to be missed item fo sho!



  1. Is the drapey cardigan something like the chunky knits above? Do manufacture oversized knits like pic 1 & 4!!!! What will the price range be like anyway?

  2. I was just drooling over some chunky knits on Topshop the other day! Wish where I live is cold enough! Yes, I love Abbey Lee! I was actually going to put her in the post but since she's everyone's favorite, I thought I'll put other faces instead! xoxoxoxoxoxoo

  3. Anon: It's a less chunky and simplified version of the 1st picture. Those you can wear everyday without sweating excessively in Singapore. I doubt it's possible to manufacture something like 1 & 4 when we won't have much chance to wear it but I unds where you're coming from! Would die for pic 1 & 4 as well! Price range should be around 30 SGD.

  4. Yessss! I just bought a chunky long cardigan at Goodwill today! And I can't wait to see the one you are putting out! :)